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About Employsure.

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We want?every?workplace in New Zealand to be safe and fair.

Our vision is to help every business access quality advice on workplace relations and Health and Safety at Work (HSW).

When we say every business, we mean it. We are focused on small- to medium-sized businesses, which are the backbone of the New Zealand economy.

In order to realise this vision, we have revolutionised the way business owners get help with their employees, wages and HSW.

Here is what the traditional business model looked like:

Business owners are essentially on your own, left to wrestle with a complicated workplace relations system.

When issues arise, small businesses may be forced to seek advice, which is reactive and may not be fordable to businesses at the time.

Seeking advice reactively does not necessarily suit small businesses.

It may cause emotional stress and financial pain.

It gives you advice that is too limited, too expensive, and too late.

We want to help by giving you the right advice, at the right time, at the right price for you.

How do we know that the old way of doing things was so broken? Because we saw it first-hand.

Ed Mallet, Employsure’s founder, used to be an employment law barrister.
He had a thriving practice. He gave advice to hundreds of clients. His job was perfectly secure.

But Ed could see there was a problem.

“There was a mismatch between the fees that I would charge, and the problems I was solving,” he said.

“I would charge $40,000 for a resolution of say, $5,000 or $10,000. My business model didn’t meet the needs of the clients.

“The only reason why it worked was that clients were going through what we might call ‘industrial divorce’. They were highly emotional, and would rather pay me than the employee.

“I could have kept doing that work. But it was very dissatisfying.”

You could say Ed was a lawyer with a conscience. He quit that secure job to start Employsure.

“I still wanted to give businesses advice on employment relations. But I wanted to do it differently,” he said.

“My personal ‘why’ is to solve this problem.”

I still wanted to give businesses advice on employment relations. But I wanted to do it differently.

Jump forward to today, Employsure is a team of more than 300 advisers and consultants across Australia and New Zealand.

We are one of the largest providers of workplace relations, and health and safety services in New Zealand.

We work with more than 27,000 businesses.

Our expert team is made up of different specialists from a variety of different backgrounds including unions, industrial associations and large corporations.

New Zealand has one of the most complicated industrial relations systems in the world. We know it inside out.

That is why our approval rating is 99%.

Employsure helps businesses with Workplace Relations and HSW with expert advice.
We aim to provide a more comprehensive service that provides you with support across all stages of the employee lifecycle.

Compliance: Let’s get your foundations right.

  1. Advice: We help you solve problems and answer questions – 24/7.
  2. Representation: For bigger issues, we help you get legal advice and representation.
  3. Protection: In the event of a claim, subject to the terms and conditions of the PDS, Employsure Protect offers discretionary protection.

Business health checks and documentation

First, we review your processes and documents. We find potential issues and solutions. Then we help you lay the foundations for a fair and safe workplace. It’s about getting things right from the start.

24-hour unlimited advice, 365 days a year

24/7 ongoing, unlimited advice on tap — your questions about wages, leave entitlements, contracts, terminations, redundancies, health and safety, and other workplace issues.

Legal Representation

In the event of a claim, Employsure Law is available to represent you.

Claims Protection

Subject to the terms and conditions of the PDS, Employsure Protect offers discretionary protection in the event of a workplace relations or health and safety claim.

Call our helpline now to access free initial advice.

Employsure is one of the fastest-growing professional services companies in New Zealand. But we are different from other professional services firms.

We are always here to help you.

We give advice 365 days of the year. Our founder, Ed, has worked on Christmas Day. When it comes to your employees or HSW,?you will never be alone.

We are your sounding board.

Business is personal. We understand that. When something happens in your business, your first instinct is reactive. That is natural.

“We are not so much dealing with complexity of legislation. It is actually the complexity of human behaviour and emotions that we are dealing with,” said Ed.

“But we help you keep your emotions in check. Call Employsure, and check what you are meant to do.” “We give you the chance to press the pause button.”

While Employsure is focussed on helping employers, this has a positive impact on employees.

Ed tells the story of an ex-union worker who became an Employsure advisor.

“He said to me ‘I was just talking to my old boss the other day about you,’ and I immediately thought ‘Oh here we go. I’m going to get a bashing here’.

“But he said the exact opposite. He told me,?‘My boss said that you guys are doing more to help Kiwi workplaces than anyone else.’”

Today, 500,000 employees sit below Employsure’s client base.

That means that 500,000 workers are subject to Employsure advice. Many of them are not unionized.

“So there is a mutual benefit there,” said Ed. “The employer might experience less risk, and the employee might well be treated more fairly.”

The employer might experience less risk, and the employee might well be treated more fairly.

Employsure is a subsidiary of Peninsula Business Services Group Ltd, based in the United Kingdom, and comes under the banner of the Rainy City Investments Ltd, also based in the UK.

Peninsula has been providing professional services to small businesses across the UK since 1983.

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